Welcome to Team Swim School – your gateway to exceptional swim tuition in the heart of Surrey! Immerse yourself in the exclusivity of private lessons, where we prioritize personalized attention with small groups and one-on-one sessions tailored to your needs.

Dive into a world where learning knows no age limit! Our adult lessons cater to those looking to enhance their aquatic skills.

Nestled in an outstanding environment, our pristine facility is meticulously maintained for your comfort and safety. Experience the luxury of UV water, designed to be gentle on the skin, and indulge in the warmth of our cozy 30-degree pool. At Team Swim School, we redefine the swim experience, making every lesson a step towards excellence in a setting that exudes exclusivity and cleanliness.

Paul in water with child swimming
Sofas at viewing

Discover the unparalleled comfort of our conservatory – your exclusive vantage point to observe lessons with ease. With ample space for prams and a secure area for younger siblings, we prioritize the convenience and safety of all our visitors.

Indulge in the luxury of free Nespresso coffee on-site, turning those wake-up moments into delightful experiences.

At our establishment, every client and student is cherished. Our dedicated team is committed to nurturing each student’s potential, encouraging them to showcase their best abilities. Unleash the power of our top-notch equipment, including a comprehensive kit of flippers, ensuring a swimming experience that exceeds expectations. Join us at the forefront of comfort, convenience, and excellence in swim education!

Our Philosophy

At our swim school, it’s more than just a lesson – it’s a vibrant home where your child eagerly packs their swim bag each morning, excited for the exhilarating experience that awaits. We’re not just teaching swimming; we’re fostering a love for the water that becomes an integral part of their daily routine.

Ignite the spirit of adventure for our powerhouse swimmers! Imagine your child geared up in PJs, navigating the water with weighted bricks, conquering timed swims, and mastering survival toes – pushing boundaries like never before.

Our curated list of challenges is designed to propel them past limits and into a realm of unparalleled achievement.


kids smiling in pool

We work hard on progressing the beginner students in a fun and structured way. We also monitor how many disc bands they need throughout the term so we can gain as much progression as possible.

For the extra strong swimmers we can push the limits and challenge them; they can do survival toes, swim with clothes on, carry weighted blocks in the water and work on speed swims. Our comprehensive list will carry them to their limits and beyond.

Join us in sculpting happy, fantastic swimmers, equipped with life skills that extend far beyond the pool. Enroll today for a journey of boundless joy.

Why swim with Team Swim School?

Experience the difference with our hands-on approach! Our dedicated teachers actively engage with students, providing inspiration and motivation both in and out of the water.

Whether they’re beginners, improvers, or advanced swimmers, our commitment is to foster growth and development, transforming them into exceptional individuals in the water.

Your time and investment matter to us, and we’re passionate about delivering tangible results at our school. Join us in the journey towards excellence, where every lesson is a stepping stone to success in the pool and beyond!

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kids swim

Book your free trial now:

Please call us on 07915 510720 to arrange your free assessment or email us on the contact us page.

Prepare for a splash-tastic adventure! Don’t forget your swim hat and goggles if you have them – essential gear for an unforgettable aquatic experience.

Once you express your interest, our team will reach out to guide you in selecting the perfect class stage for your child. Our user-friendly online booking system puts you in control, allowing you to effortlessly choose your preferred level from a range of available options.

No need to worry about missing the wave! Our classes are pro rata, so you can jump in even after the term has begun. Join us at any point and let the swimming journey begin!


Meet the team

Paul - Team Swim School


Owner & Creator

I’m the owner and creator of Team Swim School. Our school is a home where children can learn and grow in a safe, secure and fun environment. I have been coaching for over 15 years coming from a sports and fitness background. I passed out from Crystal Palace and throughly enjoyed my time there coaching the enthusiastic children. The secret to swimming is finding the right key to every child to unlock their potential and I am a master of this. From float work, underwater games, races and swim drills your child will be challenged in every way. My goal is to develop a child who can be safe in the water and enjoy the fun the water environment can bring.

Jim - Team Swim School



I’ve been teaching Swimming and Aquatics for over a decade, I’ve worked at multiple swim schools and academy’s in London and Surrey. I’ve taught children from various ages from pre school to adult and all abilities from complete beginners through to pre squad level. I qualified at the prestigious Crystal Palace sports centre and under the swim England ( formerly the Amateur swimming Association) I was formerly a lifeguard and lifeguard trainer assessor with the Royal lifesaving society, and over the years in my recreation have tried rowing, kayaking, surfing and windsurfing. Being in around the water is my comfort zone, and hope that I can pass my knowledge and skills on to the next generations.

Lauren - Team Swim School



I have 10 years plus experience in teaching/coaching swimming, I am outgoing, friendly and approachable. As an instructor, my strengths are having a vast knowledge of skills and drills for stroke technique with the ability to effectively pass this on to every pupil, coming up with fun new ways of teaching stroke work/games, and ensuring trust and enthusiasm are incorporated within every lesson. I am nurturing, fun, enthusiastic, passionate, and patient but firm when needed.

Jessie - Team Swim School



I grew up loving the water and eventually became a competitive swimmer, swimming for my county. Last year I decided to complete my qualification in swimming teaching due to my love of water and my passion to help children. I thoroughly enjoy the fun my lessons bring to my students whilst seeing them grow and develop in water confidence and in water skills.

Hayley - Team Swim School



I have been teaching swimming for 4 years and my strengths lie in helping children who are new to swimming gain water confidence in the water through games and play. I thoroughly enjoy coaching and look forward to the gains the children make in their lessons.