Terms & Conditions

2024 Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all pupils (“you”) attending swimming lessons organised by Team Swim School (“we” or “us”). Please ensure you have read and understood the following and please keep a copy for your records:

  1. Acceptance of terms and conditions

By booking or attending a swimming lesson with us you accept these terms and conditions and they will form part of the contract between us. We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

  1. Child Protection

Team Swim School staff have a duty to act if they suspect a child in their care may be suffering from abuse or if a child makes a disclosure about abuse. In such an event, the member of staff will follow the Child Protection Policy. We follow the Wavepower

2020-23 Child safeguarding policy and procedures.

  1. Complaints

Team Swim School is fully committed to delivering the highest standards of teaching, coaching and childcare to the local community. If you or your child is not entirely satisfied with the service we provide we would like to hear about it. If we become aware of any problem while you or your child is still attending a course or activity, we will aim to resolve this at an early stage. You can be assured that any complaint will be taken very seriously. In the first instance, the complaint should be made to the Duty Manager or Course Tutor, who will look into the matter.

  1. Insurance

All participants are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

  1. Liability

Team Swim School does not accept liability for sickness, personal injury or death of any participants unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its’ servants. Organisers providing the facility and their servants are under no liability whatsoever in respect of personal injuries, loss or damage to property whilst attending any Team Swim School course.

  1. Swimming Lesson Booking

Team Swim School terms are approximately 12 weeks in duration.

All booking are made on a first come first serve basis. We are able to take bookings at any time and customers pay for the classes remaining.

10% siblings’ discounts are available for families 2+ children attending group lessons. Discounts are only applicable during term time. Discounts are not valid for crash courses or private lessons.

Renewals for the next term take place approximately two to four weeks before the new term starts. In making a renewal you are reserving a place on the next course and not a specific time. However, we will endeavour to keep your slot as close to your current time or your new request as possible. Your lesson day and time will be confirmed one week prior to the beginning of the new term. If you have not received confirmation at this point it is the customer’s responsibility to contact us and ask for confirmation.

  1. Payments

All booking must be accompanied by full payment of the course fee. Any bookings received without payment will not be considered valid until payment is received in full. We are unable to reserve places. All payments must be made before the first lesson. If payment is not received by this time, then we may at our complete discretion cancel your booking and shall not be obliged to teach you.

Payments are accepted by debit or credit cards, cheques, bank transfer or cash.

  1. Lessons

8.1 Private lessons

Private lessons are only authorised by the Head Coach. They will be given if we feel that there is a major benefit to the student and for those students who have a learning or medical condition. Private lessons are paid for in blocks of 6 weeks.
The six lessons will be for 6 consecutive weeks.

Private lessons’ price is £42.50 per 30 minutes lesson.

If you are unable to attend a lesson please give us 24h notice and we will endeavour to find another suitable time to fit your lesson during the week. If cancellation notice is received less than 24h before your lesson, Team Swim School reserve rights not to provide you with a make-up lesson. Make up lesson can only be done once in a 6 week block and where we have a suitable time slot. We will not extend your block booking.

8.2 Group lessons

Group lessons are paid on a full term basis or the remaining classes of the term. Group lessons’ price is £16.50 per 30 minutes lesson.

Our group lessons are maximum of 5 children per group. If your group is not full at the time of you joining it, please be aware that at any time during the term we can add more students to the full capacity. Team Swim School will try their very best not only to match groups according to ability but to make sure that the group works well as a whole.

We are unable to provide make up lessons, credit or refund following absence for illness, holiday or any other reasons. Our costs are incurred whether or not you attend. It is our experience that make up lessons are disruptive to the normal running of established classes often leading to complaints.

If your child has been sick or had an accident and has not been attending their swimming lessons for 4 consecutive weeks or more, providing you have a doctors note, then Team Swim School will refund the terms’ lessons owed to you less the lessons provided and less a 20% administration charge of those fees.

  1. Attendance

Swimmers, parents, guardians, siblings or all other associates, must observe the entry rules and respect all other rules whilst in the Team Swim School and at the Yehudi Menuhin grounds. Facility staff shall retain the right to refuse admission.

If by any reason you are late for your lesson less than 10 minutes, you will be admitted to the class, but your lesson will not be extended. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not be admitted to the class and you will not be entitled to the make-up lesson.

  1. Cancellations

If after making a booking you wish to cancel a course you may do so by contacting us in writing within seven days of making the booking. You will receive a refund of the tuition fee paid, less any lessons already taken, less 1 lesson as an administration charge.

If you wish to cancel a booking after seven days of making your booking you may do so by contacting us in writing at any time before your first lesson or up to three working days after your first lesson. You will receive a refund of tuition fees paid less fees for the lesson provided if applicable and less a 25% administration charge of those fees.

However, after this period, we cannot provide credits or refunds if you are unable to attend any of the lessons for any reason.

  1. Cancellations Due to ‘Circumstances beyond our Control’

There may be circumstances beyond our control and contemplation, in which the pool might not be available for Team Swim School sessions. Examples of these circumstances include (but are not limited to) damage to the pool, severe weather conditions, power failures, industrial action. Such circumstances are referred to as ‘Force Majeure’. In such a case no refund will be issued. We will try to include extra lesson during the term, but it is not guarantee.

  1. Time Change due to Circumstance beyond our Control

We reserve the right to change your existing class time due to reasons beyond our control.

  1. Changing Days/Times

If you wish to make changes to the days or times you have already booked, we can do so providing we have space on the alternate days you wish to change to. This may sometimes not be possible and if this is the case a refund will not be issued.

  1. Illness

Never bring your child swimming if they have any illness such as an ear infection, diarrhoea, chicken pox, impetigo, conjunctivitis or a bad cold. Please wait until your doctor has given the all-clear before returning to classes.

In the instance of sickness and diarrhoea your child must have been clear of all symptoms for at least 48 hours before attending a lesson. Should your child or the parent/guardian taking your child into the water have, or develop, any known or suspected medical condition you must please consult your doctor before bringing them swimming.

  1. Behaviour

In the event of a swimmer, parent, guardian, sibling or other associate refusing to obey an instruction from a member of staff, behaving in an unruly manner towards a member of staff or any other person, or causing damage to pool premises or any of the furniture fixtures or equipment in those premises, the swimmer shall not be permitted to continue with the lessons. Team Swim School shall then have the right to terminate the contract without further notice and without being required to offer any credit or refund to the swimmer and the swimmer shall not be accepted for any future course organised by Team Swim School. Team Swim School reserves the right to charge you for any damaged cost.

  1. Teachers

All our teachers are ASA or STA qualified teachers. Whilst it is in our best interests to ensure your child remains with the same teacher, we cannot always guarantee this. If a teacher falls ill we will replace them until they are well enough to teach. If you change your swimming day you may find a different teacher works on this day. We may occasionally employ new instructors who will need to experience ‘live classes’ in order gain experience. They are always fully trained at this point and will start by shadowing the regular teacher. Once experience is gained they will then start to take their own classes.

  1. Nappies

All babies and toddlers and those children not yet potty trained must wear a swim nappy in the pool with a swimming costume or pair of swimming trunks over the top. Team Swim School reserves the right to refuse entry to any child who is not suitably attired. Please take all your used nappies away with you unless a clearly marked bin has been provided. Never leave nappies in an open bin (including those within the venue grounds).

  1. Lost Property

Please ensure children do not bring valuable toys or belongings when attending Team Swim School lessons. We cannot accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged items. Please ensure clothing and other belongings are clearly labelled with the child’s name to help us return unclaimed items. Lost property will be kept at the pool for a maximum of four weeks. If items are still unclaimed after this period, we will distribute them to local charities.

  1. Photography

At times we may take photographs at our venues, which may be used for teaching, marketing and promotional purposes. We will inform parents on the day and a form will be present in the conservatory for parents to sign to confirm they are happy for photography to take place. If a parent wants to video their child swimming or would like to take a picture of their child in the water, they will have to obtain and sign a clearance form given by Team Swim School staff.

  1. Child changing

You must ensure that your child changes in the correct changing room. At no time must they enter the staff door on pool side or change in the conservatory area. If your child is above the age of 8 they must go into their gender changing room. They can be accompanied by a parent of the same sex gender in the changing area. At no time on pool side should there be any child be unclothed to the point of nudity.

Governing Law

Team Swim School reserves the right to terminate any clients’ membership with us that we feel will be in the interest of Team Swim School staff and its members. No refund in this instance will be issued.

This agreement will be governed by the laws of England and Wales

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us by contacting via the Team Swim School email: teamswimschool@gmail.com or in writing to: Team Swim School, 68 High Street, Old Woking, GU22 9LW.

This agreement, the members rules and all associated rules and regulation of membership, govern the terms and conditions of membership, members use of our clubs and your relationship with Team Swim School. Please read these documents carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law.

Team Swim School is a trading name of Team Swim School Ltd. Registered in England and Wales, number 8623922 at the registered office address: Team Swim School, 68 High Street, Old Woking, GU22 9LW www.teamswimschool.com

Team Swim School

January 2024

Rules and Regulations

  1. Swimmers should wear swimming caps and appropriate swimming wear for reasons of hygiene & safety. Any swimmer not wearing a swimming cap will not be allowed to swim in the pool. Team Swim School may have a spare swimming cap for emergencies but it is your responsibility to ensure that you child does have a swimming cap.
  2. No swimmer should enter the Pool Area without a member of Team Swim School staff being already present.
  3. There must be no food on the Pool Area.
  4. No parent will be allowed on pool side during their child’s lesson unless permission has been given by the swimming coach. The sliding door to pool side must be kept closed upon entry as it is part of the ventilation system.
  5. For health and safety only adults are allowed to use the coffee machine.
  6. Please ensure that your child does not climb and jump over the furniture. Please remember that the conservatory is made of glass and it is dangerous. Please observe the signage around the pool, decking area and pathway leading up to the pool house from the parking bays. No public admittance is allowed outside of the designated areas. The play gym equipment of the school is strictly forbidden from use. Parents and swimmers must remain within the swimming facilities and not wander around the school grounds.
  7. The use of the tennis court is allowed providing no Yehudi staff or Yehudi students are using that facility or require the use of that facility.
  8. No outdoor shoes are to be worn on poolside – If you wish to speak to our swimming teacher then please remove shoes & socks before you go onto poolside. This clause is in accordance with our own health & safety policy which allows for no exceptions.
  9. Team Swim School can only be responsible for students during their swimming lessons and parents and/or guardians are responsible at all other times and must be on site whilst the lesson is taking place and be available for collection of the child after the lesson has finished.
  10. Parent/guardians are responsible for the safety and supervision of any children they bring at all times. Any children that are viewing lessons should always be under the direct supervision of by an adult who is not taking part in the lesson.
  11. Please ensure that any questions you want to ask teacher on the pool side are important for this particular occasion such as your child’s wellbeing. Any questions or concerns that can be dealt with later should be emailed to teamswimschool@gmail.com Please respect other people swimming times.
  12. Parents must inform a member of staff and coach of any changes in their child’s health state.
  13. It is advised that your child does not eat 45 minutes prior to the lesson.
  14. Deliver and collect your child punctually to and from swimming lessons.
  15. Ensure you do not use inappropriate language within the swimming school environment.
  16. Behave responsibly as a spectator and treat swimmers, coaches, committee members and parents with due respect meeting the ASA commitments to equality.
  17. Members of Team Swim School and their friends must park in the second tier of the car park opposite the Yehudi Menuhin Hall. Under no exception even if you hold a disable badge can you park next to the swimming pool. This is strictly for Yehudi Menuhin staff and visitors. There are disabled bays marked on the entrance lower tier car park for Team Swim School members and staff.
  18. Team Swim School members and friends have responsibility to respect the conservatory area and to leave it in the condition they have found it. Please ensure all used cups are placed in the bin provided.
  19. Team Swim School reserves the right to make changes to the programme where necessary, or to cancel lessons if there are insufficient numbers.

Code of Conduct for Parents

  1. On arrival at Team Swim School you, the parent or carer will be responsible for the health and safety of your child whilst at the facility except in their lesson when it will be the teacher’s responsibility. Team Swim School will not be held liable for any accidents due to negligence of the parent/carer when on the Team Swim School premises or the Yehudi Menuhin School grounds.
  2. Complete the online booking form, detailing any special needs, allergies or health concerns relevant to the swimmer. Any changes in the state of a child’s health should be reported to a Team Swim School teacher prior to the lesson and notify the Team Swim School via email at teamswimschool@gmail.com
  3. Arrive punctually for the lessons. Inform the Team office via phone or email if you will not be able to attend. If Team has to change your child’s group or time, please remember the change is to provide the most appropriate level of teaching and enable your child to progress to the best of their ability, it should be facilitated and encouraged at all times.
  4. Ensure that your child is properly and adequately attired for the lessons including all relevant equipment. All swimmers must wear hats. With goggles it is not the teacher’s responsibility to put these on and off a child.
  5. Encourage your child to obey the pool rules and teach them that they can only do their best with their swimming.
  6. Behave responsibly as a spectator and treat swimmers, teachers, other parents and the Venue staff with due respect and therefore meeting the ASA commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion
  7. Ensure that you do not use inappropriate language within the swimming venues.
  8. Move around the venues quietly and considerately, keeping all children in your care safe and quiet, and observe there is no running on poolside and the 10mph speed limit for vehicles within the Yehudi grounds.
  9. Show appreciation and support to your child
  10. All parents must stay in the conservatory area whilst the lesson is taking place and any camera/photography anywhere in the pool area or changing rooms iss strictly prohibited.
  11. Ensure that you remain on the Team Swim School premises so that we can contact you should we need to.
  12. Ensure that any child aged 8 or over must change in their own sex changing room (English Law). If the parent wishes to accompany the child they must be of the same gender sex of the changing area.
  13. Most of all help your child to enjoy their swimming and achieve and progress to the best of their ability

Team will undertake to:

  • Inform you at once if your child is ill or we have any concerns.
  • Ensure good child protection guidelines are followed at all times to keep your child safe
  • Ensure all activities are effectively taught and supervised

The parent has a right to:

  • Make a complaint to the Team if they feel that a Team Teacher or member of staff is not acting appropriately
  • Make a complaint to the Team Manager if they feel that a member of the venue staff is not acting appropriately.
  • Any misdemeanours and breach of this code of conduct will be dealt with by Team Swim School (UK) Ltd.