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Welcome to Team Swim School – your gateway to exceptional swim tuition in the heart of Surrey! Immerse yourself in the exclusivity of private lessons, where we prioritise personalised attention with small groups and one-on-one sessions tailored to your needs.
We have a great team ready to meet your children’s needs.

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Which class is suitable for me?

Duck 4

2.8 years plus    

This is our most basic class and will be suitable for children from 2.8 years plus.

This class aids water confidence with swim aids. The parent is not allowed in the water for this class.

Stage 1

4.5 - 6 Years    

This class is the second step in the swimming process moving to a swimmer who is older and more confident in the water.

Age range for this class is normally 4.5yrs-6 years old.

They will need some form of aids to swim but can jump into the water and can demonstrate a progressive swim on their front and back across the water with face in and show some ability of breathing.

Stage 2

5 - 7 Years    

This class is a no swim aids class.

The student must be able to swim a width, 5 metres on their front and back with no swim aids.

They do not need a good technique but must be able to swim unaided. This class will push them to learn front and back crawl and increase their stamina so they can move to level 3.

The age range is normally between 5-7 years for this level.

Stage 3

6 - 7.5 Years    

This is a length swim class where the student will do lengths and circuit work.

They must be able to swim 15 metres of a decent stroke on their front and back. It does not need to be perfect, but they must show some demonstration of breathing, and arm work as well as leg kick.

The student remains in this class until they can swim on their front and back with great technique and rhythmic breathing.

The age range is normally between 6-7.5 years for this level.

Stage 4

7 - 9 Years    

This class has a student who can now swim a length 15-20 metres on their front and back with great technique and can show some water stamina to be able to do the class work for 30 mins without tiring.

The class will now involve learning breaststroke full stroke. They will learn the lifesaving stroke. They will stay in this level until the breaststroke, stamina and other strokes apart from fly are at a high level of competency.

The age range is normally between 7-9 years for this level.

Stage 5

9 - 11 Years    

The student will be expected to able to do 2 lengths of each stroke with great technique with no rest in-between.

The strokes will be front, back and breaststroke. In this level they will learn butterfly and more advanced swim work including diving and starts and turns. They will stay in this level until all 4 strokes are done to a high level of competency.

The age range is normally between 9-11 years for this level.

Stage 6/7

9 - 13 Years    

This is the end of the Learn to Swim ASA framework. Your child will now be proficient in all the four major strokes and will have a good level of swim skills and stamina.

They will now be able to do tumble turns, race dives and speed work.

They will be of a club standard which will prepare them well for level 8-10.

Stage 8 - 10

9-13 years old    

This is our highest and most challenging and rewarding stage. This involves specific water training.

Your child will learn the art of water polo, how to swim head up front crawl with v shaped legs for more drag. They will learn personal survival and timed toes. They will be required for strength training to swim at times in their t-shirts and shorts. They will be expected to do sculling head first and feet first in their clothing.

The volume of work increases and the recovery time decreases. This stage is excellent for keeping your child’s fitness at a high level.

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“Team Swim School have built my daughter’s confidence in the water by providing her with lessons that are structured but fun. She loves going to her lessons and enjoys being challenged in a safe and friendly environment.”

Phoebe, Cobham

“My child has made such a significant gain whilst being at Team Swim School. The facilities and teachers are superb.”

Holly from Danes Hill

“Through private then group lessons Susie has overcome her fears of the water. Team Swim School really does show a Team effort. Cannot recommend them enough.”

David ACS Cobham

“Great set up, fab teachers and a wonderful team atmosphere. Seeing Charlie play water polo at the end for games was wonderful. Brings out the fun back in lessons.”

Rachael. Parkside School

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